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About Total Contract Cleaners in Hertford & Ware

Total Contract Cleaners Limited, founded in 2013, are contract cleaners providing cleaning services to commercial clients and property managers, cleaning offices, schools, pubs, restaurants, shops and communal areas in Ware and Hertford and across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and beyond.

We use commercial cleaning products that are suitable to the job at hand. This may include acid or alkaline based products for limescale removal for toilets, sinks and showers, and for removing burnt on carbon deposits in ovens to ensure that the area is left sparkling clean.

All of our cleaning staff are DBS checked where required, have references from previous assignments and have relevant experience. Job specific training is provided to all cleaning staff, and continues until they are happy that they have a full understanding of the cleaning required. A checklist is provided for all jobs that acts as a reference for the cleaner, and assurance that the job has been carried out.

We always deliver an outstanding service that delights our clients

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